Admission files of those students, who are registered with Nursing Examination Board, Punjab, should be reached to the office within prescribed time period for the conduction of examination.

Requirements for sending admission of registered students:

  • Admission forms should be duly attested by class teacher and principal of the institution.
  • Copy of verified and attested matriculation certificate / FSC (Pre-Medical) certificate, attested copy of registration card, attested copy of B. form / I.D. Card, and three attested photographs in uniform (size 3×4 cm) for each candidate must be attached with admission form.
  • Minimum 85% lecture attendance is necessary to be appeared in examination.
  • All information on the admission form should be filled in according to the matriculation certificate.
  • Admission forms should be arranged in a file according to the list of candidates attached in the front of admission file. On the top of admission file name of school, class, session, sanction strength of students, and contact number of institution should be clearly written.
  • Admission files must be submitted by the concerned Nursing instructor within the prescribed time period, otherwise it will not be accepted.
  • Pay order / Bank Draft in favour of Controller Nursing Examination Board, Punjab should be attached with admission file as admission fee according to the attached fee structure.